Timucin Sahin
guitarist & composer, electric fretless guitars and compositions, live electronics

Born in 1973 in Turkey, Timucin Sahin moved to the Netherlands in 1992. Sahin studied jazz guitar at the Hilversum and Amsterdam Conservatories with obtaining 2nd fase masters degree and laters studied bachelors classical composition at Amsterdam Conservatory and Manhattan School of Music New York.

In 2001 he was awarded first prize at the prestigious Dutch Jazz Competition with his contemporary jazz trio 'On the Line’. He received second prize for his composition “Occult” at the Jur Naessens Music Award in 2002.

In addition to composing and touring with different projects, Sahin leads his own ensembles that perform his music. His recently formations Greg Osby-Timucin Sahin Quartet, Rare Falcons', Timucin Sahin Trio and his contemporary chamber music ensemble ‘Occult Ensemble’ are his current projects. He is also exploring his solo performances very often at international festivals. In his solo project “Timucin Sahin-Real Time”, he utilizes live-electronics as well as electric, acoustic fretless guitars.

Timucin Sahin played and/or recorded with Greg Osby, Robin Eubanks, Hein vd Geyn, Kai Eckhardt, Mike Mainieri, Tony Moreno, Aydin Esen, Gene Jackson, Gino Sitson, Lonnie Plaxico, Ernst Reizeger, Moula Sylla, Armando Gola, John Benitez, Obed Calvaire, Hans Glawishcnig, Francois Motian to name a few.


“From Turkey comes Timucin Sahin with Slick Road, an album that shows how far away from the American tradition jazz has drifted, all the while remaining vibrant and true to its essence.”
All About Jazz February 2004

“For those with an interest in expanding their musical boundaries and hearing how other traditions can expand the musical palette of improvisation, Timucin Sahin’s Slick Road is well worth the listen.”
Jazzview march 2004

“ Sahin has chops galore yet remains tastefully restrained, a gritty fusion player. The chemistry evoked by Sahin’s at times complex, beautiful compositions and the drummerless line-up make this an intriguing, original and witty listen.”
Jazzwise may 2004

“Rhythm plays a large part in Sahin’s work, sometimes establishing dark grooves, other times moving with time shifts that, in the hands of those less capable, would sound clumsy but here are completely seamless.
With a voracious musical appetite that includes African, Indian and more traditional western jazz and contemporary classical music, Sahin has fashioned a sound that is an intriguing blend.”
John Kelman march 2004

"Virtuoso guitarist on his double neck (fretless) instrument with outstanding improvisations”
“Sahin is a perfectionist. As a composer he works out every detail.”
Jur Naessens Music Award 2002

"Timucin Sahin's unique compositional approach, keen sense of improvisation and his interplay of music styles from jazz, contemporary and non- western music intrigued me."
Mike Mainieri

“I wish to say that I think Timucin Sahin an original composer of a variety of music which is difficult to categorize. His music is drawn from a wide body of knowledge and experience, often developed from his considerable skills as a guitarist. In his solo performances as well as with other musicians, he sometimes employs improvisation but in ways hard to separate from the sound of his notated music. This I find noteworthy. His music is characterized by a delicacy of instrumental imagination and rhythmic structures which have much flexibility though clearly pulse derived.”
Nils Vigeland ,Chair, Dep Composition MSM 27 May 2003

“I have found Timucin Sahin to be an exceptionally talented musician with an intriguing approach to composition and improvisation.”
Joel Chadabe
President, Electronic Music Foundation 25 May 2003

“After listening to Slick Road we can easily say that, very soon Sahin will take his place as a major artist of the contemporary jazz of today.”
Orhan Kahyaoglu, Radikal (Turkish National Newspaper) 2.November 2003

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2001- “ The Unexpected” with the band “On the Line”(Winner Dutch Jazz Competition 2001)
www.trytone.org <http://www.trytone.org/>
TT 559-010

2003- “Slick Road”
Timucin Sahin: Electric & fretless Guitars & compositions
Robin Eubanks: trombone
Hein vd Geyn: Bass
Afra Mussawisade: Percussions
B.C.Manjunath: Indian Percussions

2005- “Window for my breath”
Timucin Sahin: Electric & fretless Guitars, live electronics
Kai Eckhardt: Electric fretless bass
Owen Hart Jr: Drums

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Timucin Sahin is currently based in New York. Please contact us for booking inquires.