A rare opportunity to hear North Indian classical bansuri riffs and rhythmic grooves, blended masterfully with Western fusion jazz sensibilities. With new compositions drawing from these diverse musical elements, acoustic artist Deepak Ram celebrates the bansuri in a refreshing new context. Featuring South African drummer Ian Herman.

Deepak Ram

Beauty In Diversity

Genre: World Fusion.


1. Beauty In Diversity 7:20
2. Reflective-Self 6:21
3. Bhakti Shakti 6:21
4. Flutes Are All I Need 4:32
5. Nisreyas 6:03
6. Cinderella In India Theme 6:30
7. Dance With Lord Krishna 4:23
8. Midnight Invocation 4:05
9. Sacred Twilight 4:32
10. Aarti 4:41
Total time 55:12


  • Deepak Ram (bansuri, tabla, keyboards, vocals, udu drums and swarmandal)
  • Sujata Ghanekar (vocals)
  • Ian Herman (drums and percussion)
  • Dan Robbins (electric and acoustic bass)
  • Rabin Ram (sarod)
  • Vivek Ram (sitar)

All compositions by Deepak Ram;
except Aarti (traditional), arranged by Deepak Ram; Midnight Invocation (traditional), arranged by Vivek Ram & Deepak Ram; Nisreyas (traditional), arranged by Rabin Ram and Deepak Ram
All tracks published by Haribhaj Music BMI

Producer: Deepak Ram
Executive Producer: Ates Temeltas
Recording Engineer: Benjamin Grant DePauw
Assistant Engineer: Robin Livingston
Recorded and mixed at Conscious Sound Productions in San Rafael, California between 22-25 May and 29-31 May 2002
Mixed by Deepak Ram and Benjamin Grant DePauw
Graphic Design: Siir Özbilge
Cover photograph: Juan Espi

Deepak Ram plays flutes made by the late Shri Suryakant V. Limaye of Mumbai, India and by Raim Seligmann of Sauve, France.

Beauty in Diversity

Imagine for a moment that all of humankind looked the same - the same color skin, eyes, hair. Imagine that all the plants, flowers, trees were the same color and everywhere people ate the same food, spoke the same language, listened to the same music and all the birds and butterflies were identical...

Deepak Ram

Dedicated to the memory of Babaji (Shri Suryakant V. Limaye) 1919-1986


1. Beauty In Diversity (7:20)
Deepak Ram: bansuri, udu drums, and swarmandal
Ian Herman: drums and shaker
Dan Robbins: acoustic bass
Sujata Ghanekar: vocals

2. Reflective-Self (6:21)
Deepak Ram: bansuri and swarmandal
Sujata Ghanekar: vocals
Ian Herman: udu drums and shakers
Benjamin Grant DePauw: guitar

3. Bhakti Shakti (6:21)
Deepak Ram: bansuri and voice percussion
Dan Robbins: electric bass
Ian Herman: drums and bongos

4. Flutes Are All I Need (4:32)
Deepak Ram: bansuri

This piece I dedicate with love and reverence to the memory of Babaji (Shri Suryakant V. Limaye), India’s greatest bansuri-maker, who was my mentor and friend. In this piece, Itry to show the versatility of the bansuri (bamboo-flute) by using it as a percussion instrument, an instrument for percussive effects, as a drone and as a bansuri itself. It features three bansuris recorded on eight tracks.

5. Nisreyas (6:03)
Rabin Ram: sarod
Deepak Ram: bansuri
Sujata Ghanekar: vocals

6. Cinderella In India Theme (6:30)
Deepak Ram: bansuri
Dan Robbins: acoustic bass
Ian Herman: drums

I wrote this melody in 1987 for a dance-drama staged by a community dance company in Cape Town, South Africa. The story of Cinderella was depicted in Indian dance forms and was choreographed by Kumari Savitri and performed by the Vadhini Dance Company. This theme was quite popular at the time and it was my first project as a composer, and my first experience in a recording studio.

7. Dance With Lord Krishna (4:23)
Deepak Ram: bansuri and manjeera
Sujata Ghanekar: vocals
Ian Herman: drums and triangle
Dan Robbins: electric bass

8. Midnight Invocation (4:05)
Vivek Ram: sitar
Sujata Ghanekar: vocals

9. Sacred Twilight (4:32)
Deepak Ram: bansuri, tabla and keyboard
Dan Robbins: acoustic bass

Dedicated to my master Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.
My entire existence is shaped by him, sometimes I cannot believe what he plays and creates is humanly possible.

10. Aarti (4:41)
Deepak Ram: bansuri and manjeera
Bhairab Dass: conch

This is a melody of a traditional Hindu hymn.
"Thou art beyond the knowledge of the senses, formless, the Lord of all life! How can I, steeped in ignorance, have a glimpse of thee." (one of the sixteen verses)