our statement

This is an ever-changing world. As we enter the new millennium, distances between people continue to diminish. Unlike in the past, when music may not have been heard outside its area of origin, today a piece of music has the potential to reach a wide audience. The last decade has seen the release of some very valuable recordings of traditional world music.

This greater accessibility, together with the energy of creative musicians, is bringing about new syntheses. It has become common, for example, to talk about the merging of the sounds and styles of East and West. We at Golden Horn believe that before a new sound can be created through such experimentation, it is necessary to have a firm grasp of each world individually.

Golden Horn was born from a desire to produce recordings that reflect the richness of traditional world music and that showcase new works by musicians on the contemporary world music scene. Golden Horn also aims to become an outlet of exciting new recordings in jazz. The history of jazz is replete with wonderful recordings. We hope to make our own contribution.

Our principle is simple: we want to be an independent channel of good music. The creation of music has been an organic process since the dawn of humanity, and Golden Horn hopes to continue that tradition. We work with musicians who are enthusiastic, and we maintain mutual feelings of trust. Every album we release is a product of collaboration and love. We believe that in order to succeed in our efforts, we need to stay in close touch with our listening community. This Web site provides a forum for communication with our listeners, whose support is essential for the realization of our vision.


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