Golden Horn Releases Beauty in Diversity by Deepak Ram

Golden Horn Records celebrates its newest release by the spirited and masterful musician Deepak Ram. Audiences are already familiar with Ram from his previous release with Golden Horn, Prasad - Blessing, the haunting, evocative, and sensually reverent North Indian classical recording of last year. Those who enjoyed Prasad find the same brilliant musicianship and artistic passion of the stunningly versatile Ram in an entirely new vein here, for on this recording Ram, who as been called "an artist in the real sense of the word" for his emotional and technical magic, brings the elegance of tradition into the brilliant new realm of acoustic fusion.

Deepak Ram is a highly gifted musician with a firm foundation in the traditions of North Indian classical music, as well as an inspired versatility--straddling and ultimately doing away with the boundary that once divided East from West--that makes each of his inspiring projects
uniquely his own.

Though quite young, Deepak Ram’s reputation already shines with the luster of a large and admiring audience. Among his many laurels is the award for Best Instrumental Album, South African Music Awards 2000. Ram has collaborated with renowned musicians in a variety of genres, from jazz pianist Darius Brubeck to Tunisian ud player Dhafer Yousseff. He has performed throughout the world, including South Africa’s Millenium Concert on Robben Island before such illustrious audience members as presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. In addition to masterful composition, arranging, and performance, Ram is also an accomplished teacher, most recently holding a post with the University of California.

Deepak Ram plays the bansuri, a bamboo flute whose origins date several housand years back into India’s rich past, being the chosen instrument of Lord Krishna, its sweet, melancholy yet joyful sound a manifestation of the divine. On this new recording, Ram skillfully brings astonishing new possibilities to the repertoire of this ancient instrument.

Deepak Ram is joined on this recording by Ian Herman on drums and percussion. This fluid, inventive, and versatile percussionist is perhaps best known for his work with South African band Tananas, who astonished audiences at both the Cannes Music Festivel and Midem. Herman is so esteemed by superstar Sting, for whose South African tour Tananas played opening act, that he was chosen as impromptu sideman for Sting’s closing performance. Herman has backed many other great artists, from Paul Simon to Abdullah Ibrahim. His versatility is currently at work as he plays with the acid jazz group Junk and with New York trumpetist Matt Venutti.

Ram and Herman are joined by bassist Dan Robbins. Though young, Robbins is already reknowned for his driving, creative, harmonically and melodically rich bass work, as well as his versatility, performing in settings ranging from solo to big band, in styles including electric jazz, hard-swinging bebop, and latin and indian fusion. His fiery improvisational spirit is always present and always astonishing, from his studies with jazz legend Ray Brown to his work here with budding star Deepak Ram.

Critically acclaimed vocalist Sujata Ghanekar joins her melodious voice and elegant technique to this wonderful ensemble. Ghanekar has been studying Indian clasical music since age six. She is also a composer and lyricist who has performed throughout the world, her lovely voice transporting every audience to another time and place.

Listen to Golden Horn’s newest recording and you, too, will be transported by the magic of this brilliant new ensemble to inspiring and beautiful new musical realms.