Golden Horn Releases Legacy

With the release of Legacy, kemence player Neva Ozgen's debut solo album, Golden Horn Records makes history with the first solo instrumental recording by a female artist in the Turkish classical music world.

With both classical compositions and inventive, exciting improvisations, Legacy is a celebration of both the traditions of the past and the possibilities of the future. Neva Ozgen has a firm belief in the importance of a musician to be well-versed in classical works, but an adventurous passion for the possibilities these classical forms hold for expansion through improvisation.

Legacy includes Neva Ozgen on the kemence accompanied by her father, Ihsan Ozgen, on the tanbur and rebab. Though all three instruments are traditional to Turkish classical music, this album once more breaks ground, as there exist only a very few previous recordings of the Turkish rebab. On Legacy, Neva and Ihsan Ozgen perform the taksim, the traditional Turkish art of improvisation, with the classical works of composers such as Nai Osman Dede, Neyzen Salih Dede, and Ismail Dede Efendi, among others.

As the daughter of the highly-respected Turkish classical musician Ihsan Ozgen, Neva Ozgen grew up surrounded by music. Though she began her musical studies in the Western classical traditions, Neva Ozgen soon became drawn towards the Turkish classical world of her famous father, and began the study of the kemence, immersing herself in the traditional compositions of Tanburi Cemil Bey.

Ihsan Ozgen is the self-taught kemence virtuoso of Turkey and heir to the musical throne of Tanburi Cemil Bey. He has spent a lifetime of dedication sharing his passion for Turkish music worldwide. Most recently he has taken his adventurous spirit towards new realms with exploration in more experimental musical forms. Ihsan Ozgen has two previous releases on Golden Horn Records, Masterworks of the Itri and Meragi (1998) and Remembrances of Ottoman Composers (1999).

This extraordinary father-daughter duo was recorded for Legacy in California in October of 1999.