Golden Horn Records Releases

The Magid Chronicles
(GHP 041-2)


Veretski Pass

The Magid Chronicles, an instrumental collection based on pieces collected by Sofia Magid, the Jewish ethnographer who worked intensively to document Jewish music in Belarus and Ukraine during Stalin’s regime in the 1920s and 30s. Magid’s 600 recordings contain rare examples of women’s songs and instrumental pieces from these regions.

Poyln, A Gilgul
(GHP 040-2)

Klezmer/Polish Folk

Veretski Pass

Translated as Poland, A Metamorphosis, this CD contains a collection of the obereks, kujawiaks, krakowiaks and polkas of Poland, previously unknown Hasidic tunes, country dances, contemporary and 19th century ethnographic collections as well as repertoire from field research of the musicians and their colleagues (thanks to Stefan Puchalski!), and of course, original compositions. Drawing on these sources, Veretski Pass and Joel Rubin have re-imagined, re-composed and re-arranged old urban and rural music to enrich the genre currently known as klezmer music. This recording is the meeting of Jewish and Polish music - a missing link of the klezmer revival.

Two Worlds
(GHP 039-2)


Benjy Fox-Rosen

The Poetry of Mordechai Gebirtig. Combining traditional and new music, Yiddish folk, theatre and cabaret music, Fox-Rosen interprets Gebirtig’s poetry and searing depictions of Poland before and during World War II with striking insight and brilliance.

Drawing In An Almond
(GHP 033-2)

Greek Folk Music

Katerina Papadopoulou

This album takes us from Drama, in Eastern Macedonia, to Crete, to West Pontus and then finally via a sweetly rendered unaccompanied song to the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean, through which we can really perceive the pure quality of Katerina’s voice and her delicate phrasing. The last song is a traditional wedding song from Nisyros with its slightly angular phrasing and parallel 5ths that have remain unchanged for centuries.

Storm Game
(GHP 037-2)


Michael Winograd

Michael Winograd, a leading clarinetist in Klezmer music, stretches the boundaries of the timeless Jewish style on his latest recording, Storm Game. During the 13 selections, Winograd explores modern jazz, contemporary classical, European folk music and the avant-garde while staying true to his roots in Klezmer.

Yidishe Lider
(GHP 038-2)


Arkady Gendler

Arkady Gendler’s musical soundscape is a unique reflection of the diverse and cosmopolitan influences on Yiddish folk and popular song, from the late 19th to the mid-20th century..... A self-taught, natural lyrical tenor, Arkady sings here a sample from his extensive repertoire, with the focus on songs that he himself composed, or for which he wrote complete or partial original lyrics.

(GHP 036-2)


Buzuki Orhan Osman

Orhan believes that the flood gates are now open for a truly multi-cultural music in Istanbul. He’s found the magic key to unlock the music of Turkey - through the gathering of the best cosmopolitan musicians whose experience in a multitude of genres allow them to interact organically with each other.

The Klezmer Shul Live
(GHP 035-2)

Klezmer - Jewish Instrumental Music from Eastern Europe

Veretski Pass

The Klezmer Shul, the latest work of Veretski Pass, is a four-movement tone poem that attempts to bridge the gap between the sacred and the secular, not through the use of words but with purely instrumental music.

"Live in California" Concert DVD
(GHV 01)

North Indian Classical

Deepak Ram
with Pt. Anindo Chatterjee

Those who are new to the bansuri may be drawn to it through an intuition that the instrument is spiritual in nature. More than a cliché, this is in fact the essence of the instrument. Deepak relates the search for the essential question posed by Indian philosophy, “Who am I?,” and notes that archetypal player of the bansuri, Lord Krishna, reminds people that,

“Sound was the first manifestation of being. Sound was the first manifestation of matter.”

Enchanted: A New Generation of Yiddishsong
(GHP 034-2)


Adrienne Cooper

The new release of Adrienne Cooper promises to be the Yiddish music gem of the year. It is a bold foray into the unexplored, with sound collages, beautifully rendered ballads and delicately set folk songs on a colorful palette of styles and arrangements. Cooper is joined by the powerful forces of Marilyn Lerner, Frank London, Mike Winograd and others. This CD is destined to be an instant classic, not only for Yiddish music, but for world music in general.

Searching for Satyam
(GHP 028-2)

World Fusion

Deepak Ram

"This is mind-opening, spacious composing that offers a unique change of pace for those willing to take the trip" - JazzTimes

(GHP 032-2)

Klezmer - Jewish Instrumental Music from Eastern Europe

Veretski Pass

After the smash reception of their eponymous first CD, the eccentric trio Veretski Pass is now releasing a second CD, TRAFIK. A true collage of Carpathian, Jewish, Rumanian and Ottoman styles, the suites contain dances from Moldavia and Bessarabia; Jewish melodies from Poland and Rumania, Hutzul wedding music from Carpathian-Ruthenia, and haunting Rembetic aires from Smyrna, seamlessly integrated with a large number of original compositions.

(GHP 031-2)


Deepak Ram

Deepak Ram may be the only South African-born Indian musician to compose a tune in honor of the dance that Nelson Mandela does on stage. He may be the first person to ever master the jazz standard “Giant Steps” on bansuri (Indian bamboo flute). But none of this is surprising given where he came from. His latest album, Steps featuring both of these tunes, is a logical response to his life experience, with one foot in ragas and one foot in African and African-American jazz.

One Breath
(GHP 030-2)

North Indian Classical

Deepak Ram
with Pt. Anindo Chatterjee

Few living players of the bansuri coax such melodic joy from their instrument as the gifted Deepak Ram. On "One Breath", Deepak and accompanying tabla maestro Pandit Anindo Chatterjee perform three, brilliantly conceived ragas in North Indian Classical (Hindustani) style. With unified precision and balance the two delve deeply into highly formidable, richly liberating musical structures cultivated over centuries by successive master musicians - of whose legacy Ram and Chatterjee both share.

Budowitz Live
(GHP 029-2)

Klezmer - Jewish Instrumental Music from Eastern Europe


Budowitz is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an explosion of rarities on a new live CD! The new program and CD features a stunning array of pieces which showcases rare cross-cultural traditional folk music molded and reformed through the unique and personal Budowitz group style. Beside leading the pack with 19th Century musical traditions of the Ashkenazi Jews from the regions of Bessarabia, Galitsia and Bukovina and the music of its neighbors, this new program brings in never-before heard gems from each member of the group.

Ahenk, Volume 2
(GHP 026-2)

Turkish & Ottoman Classical

Murat Aydemir & Derya Türkan

On their second album, Ahenk Duo performs works by Tanburi Osman Bey, Tanburi Cemil Bey, Tanburi Refik Fersan, Dede Efendi, Neyzen Salih Dede among others as well as solo and joint improvisations. Program includes music from 17th through 20th centuries in makams Arazbar, Ussak, Sedd-i Araban, Mahur and Pesendide. Duo performs these pieces and improvisations masterfully in this second part of their journey of Turkish and Ottoman classical music.

Flute for Thought
(GHP 027-2)

World Fusion

Deepak Ram

"... phenomenal flute playing, accomplished performer and composer" - London Guardian

(GHP 025-2)

Improvisational Music on oud

Yurdal Tokcan

Yurdal Tokcan is considered one of the finest oud players in the world today by many music authorities. His style combines older traditions with many new stylistic innovations, which are also present in his playing of the fretless guitar. His many new compositions combine traditional rich melodies with polyphonic textures performed on Turkish classical instruments.

Samvad "Conversation"
(GHP 024-2)

North Indian Classical

Deepak Ram
with Ustad Tari Khan

The masterful flautist, Deepak Ram, coaxes beauty and warmth from the bansuri or bamboo flute, and moves skillfully through the notes of each raga presented on this recording. His musicality shines through on each track, evoking for the listener the spirit of this deep rich tradition.

(GHP 022-2)

Turkish & Ottoman Classical

Salih Bilgin &
Murat Aydemir

An unusual and beautiful pairing of tanbur and ney by Murat Aydemir and Salih Bilgin. Nevâ’s wide repertoire includes Cantemir’s 17th century “Pençgah Pesrevi,” romantic-era Turkish works such as Tanbûri Cemil Bey’s much-neglected “Nevâ Pesrevi,” and modern interpretations of classical Turkish repertoire. Contains a rare performance of a “Fihrist Taksim” (improvisation) that includes makams in the Rast family modally related to each other.

(GHP 023-2)


Mesut Özgen

In the troubadour tradition, travelling musicians carried news and culture from one region to the other. For those of us not lucky enough to catch modern troubadour Mesut Özgen’s multi-sensory performances, his first solo release lets us in on the news. Özgen is widely known for making classical guitar accessible to a wide-range of music lovers. Troubadour is no exception, offering compositions inspired by Spanish, Turkish, American, Hungarian, Argentinean and Indian folk musics. Featuring compositions by Carlo Domeniconi, Anthony Newman, and the prolific Christopher Pratorius.

Veretski Pass
(GHP 020-2)

Klezmer - Jewish Instrumental Music from Eastern Europe

Veretski Pass Veretski Pass brings you energetic, spontaneous, and explosive renditions of the lost repertoire of Eastern European Jewry. Veteran musicians Segelstein, Horowitz and Brotman bring together an incredible song collection as diverse as the Jewish and Magyar peoples crossing Veretski Pass to settle in Hungary. Includes the rare Karaite song “Krolid.”

(GHP 021-2)

North Indian Classical

Rajeev Taranath Rasarang’s ragas soar above the ordinary, leading you to restoration and contemplation. After nearly a half-century as the devoted student of Ali Akbar Khan (Khansahib), Rajeev Taranath himself has achieved the emotional expression and technical restraint of a sarod master.

Cantemir: Music in Istanbul and Ottoman Europe around 1700
(GHP 019-2)

Early Music, Ottoman Classical

Ihsan Özgen,
Linda Burman-Hall
& Lux Musica
Travel back in time to the world of Cantemir – a Moldavian prince, scholar, musician, and royal guest of the Ottoman court. Surround yourself in Cantemir’s compositions, traditional Moldavian tunes, and new works in his honor by composers Lou Harrison and Yalçin Tura. Both Western and Turkish/Ottoman classical music lovers will easily embrace this collection, artistically directed by Ihsan Özgen and Linda Burman-Hall.
Beauty in Diversity
(GHP 018-2)

World Fusion
Deepak Ram A rare opportunity to hear North Indian classical bansuri riffs and rhythmic grooves, blended masterfully with Western fusion jazz sensibilities. With new compositions drawing from these diverse musical elements, acoustic artist Deepak Ram celebrates the bansuri in a refreshing new context. Featuring South African drummer Ian Herman.

Prasad "Blessing"
(GHP 017-2)

North Indian Classical

Deepak Ram
with Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri
Deepak Ram offers a blessing (prasad), North Indian classical music dedicated to his teacher, Hariprasad Charusia. Contemplative bansuri melodies are accompanied by Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri on tabla.

(GHP 016-2)

Turkish & Ottoman Classical

Neva Özgen
with Ihsan Özgen
A masterful solo debut album from Neva Özgen, an up and coming star of Turkish classical music. A rare opportunity to hear the subtle nuances of the kemençe. Beautifully recorded, Legacy covers a wide range of Ottoman repertoire, with an ear for the modern.

Letter from Istanbul
(GHP 015-2)

Turkish Traditional

Derya Türkan
Sokratis Sinopoulos
A groundbreaking album uniting two friends, one Greek and one Turkish, in a shared love of Anatolian music. Emotionally charged and artfully blended versions of Turkish and Greek folk songs, zeybeks (zembekikos), and sirtos.

Mesut Cemil (1902-1963) - Early Recordings (GHP 013-2)

Turkish & Ottoman Classical

Heritage Series
Read jacket notes in Turkish
Rare archival recordings demonstrating composer Mesut Cemil’s search for a harmonic language suitable for Turkish music. This era of his work shows the influence of his father’s music tempered by a passion for European-styled cello playing.

Mesut Cemil - Instrumental & Vocal Recordings (GHP 014-2)

Turkish & Ottoman Classical

Heritage Series Hear some of the first examples of Turkish choral singing and group improvisation, forms pioneered by Mesut Cemil. Features seminal archival recordings of some of the greatest 20th century Turkish performers, including Sadi Isilay, Cevdet Cagla, and Yorgo Bacanos.

Lingo Lingo (GHP 012-2)

Turkish Traditional, Roman

Barbaros Erköse Ensemble Lingo Lingo moves you to dance as Turkish clarinet virtuoso, Barbaros Erköse, infuses the air with captivating and exciting Turkish and Greek tunes played in the driving and fluid improvisational style of Roman (gypsy) urban musicians. This album showcases the unique improvisational style (dogaçlama) that earned Erköse international acclaim as leader of the Barbaros Erköse Ensemble.

Remembrances of Ottoman Composers & Improvisations (GHP 011-2)

Turkish & Ottoman Classical

Ihsan Özgen

Pour a cup of Turkish coffee, and welcome Ihsan Özgen to your home for an evening of kemençe playing! A casual collection of Turkish classics interwoven with Özgen's own improvisations and original compositions.

Those Who Are In Love
(GHP 010-2)

Turkish Traditional Folk

Ashik Mahsuni Serif, Musa Eroglu, Ashik Bahattin Kader, Ashik Nuri Kiliç, Ashik Ali Join 'those in love', the Ashiks, as they celebrate poetic beauty, protest injustices, and invoke love as the guiding spiritual value of Alevi. Digitally recorded in the field at Hacibektas festival, outdoors, and in the homes of Ashik masters.

Masterworks of Itri & Meragi
(GHP 008-2)

Turkish & Ottoman Classical

Ihsan Özgen Özgen and the Anatolia Ensemble present works of Ottoman renaissance masters Itri and Meragi. A must have collection for aficionados of ancient classical Ottoman music.

Turkish Classical Music
(GHP 006-2)

Turkish & Ottoman Classical

Murat Aydemir & Derya Türkan Ahenk, translated as "harmony", symbolizes the musical union of Derya Turkan (classical kemençe) and Murat Aydemir (tanbur), two of Turkey’s most respected classical musicians. An excellent introduction to Turkish/Ottoman classical music repertoire, featuring well known works by the great 20th century composers Serif Muhiddin Targan and Tanburi Cemil Bey.

Sufi Dreams
(GHP 003-2)

World Fusion

Mercan Dede A musical meditation into sound and silence, into self and others. Mercan Dede mixes Turkish melodies, Sufi poems, and rhythmic chants with electronic beats in his debut recording. Sufi Dreams is an incomparable album dedicated to understanding the divine.

Balkan Journeys Close To Home
(GHP 004-2)

Balkan, Traditional

Staro Selo,
Neda Voda
Altin Yildiz Orkestar
Straight from Toronto’s historically Balkan community, four bands - Staro Selo, Neda Voda, Mastika, and Altin Yildiz Orkestar - strike up a collection of Balkan dance music. Twenty-two performers, some performing in more than one track, celebrate their love of Balkan music.

Journeys of a Dervish
(GHP 009-2)

World Fusion

Mercan Dede Join Mercan Dede on a pilgrimage into the heart of sound. Hear an Australian didgeridoo echo a Buddhist chant or get lost in the rhythms of a water drum lapping at distant shores in Mercan Dede’s signature ambient music.

Our Song
(GHP 007-2)


Ilhan Ersahin Quintet
featuring legendary trumpetist
Eddie Henderson
Saxophonist and composer Ilhan Ersahin’s presents Our Song, “…a balanced mix of post-bop swingers with ballads and a few fun, funky numbers” (Down Beat Magazine). Ersahin, a regular guest at the famed New York jazz club Sweet Basil, plays here with veteran trumpeter Eddie Henderson.

(GHP 005-2)


Ilhan Ersahin Trio
featuring Larry Grenadier
This debut American recording of Turkish tenor saxophonist Ilhan Ersahin is an impressive post-bop offering featuring Larry Grenadier and drummer Kenny Wollesen. “Ersahin has that tough, dry tone that [John] Coltrane developed” (Cadence). This album’s “all-original program proves that Ersahin knows when to explore and when to hang out in a tasty groove” (Face Magazine).

The Spanish Inquisition
(GHP 002-2)


Marc Sabatella Jazz pianist Marc Sabatella, one of the most interesting new voices in the "inside/outside" jazz tradition, in his debut as bandleader. The Spanish Inquisition presents jazz ranging from the mainstream trio piece "Lazy," to the Monk-inspired solo "Patience," to the freebop of "Or Not."

Live at International Istanbul Jazz Festival '94
(GHP 001-2)


Maffy Falay Quintet A live recording of trumpeter Maffy Falay leading his quintet at the International Istanbul Jazz festival. Falay plays his sophisticated brand of hard bop, including the modern standards of Hank Mobley and Kenny Dorham, and the classics of George Gershwin. Featuring acclaimed Swedish tenor sax player Bernt Rosengren, Åke Johansson (piano), Per-Ola Gadd (bass), and Selahattin Can Kozlu (drums).